Am I the ONLY one who just found this out?!?!


From Wikipedia:

The film has two known endings. The original ending (shown in the Eros-released DVD) has Thakur baldev Singh killing Gabbar Singh, trampling him with spike-soled shoes.The Censor Board of India, The C.B.F.C. (Central Board of Film Certification), however, found the ending unacceptable as they thought that Police officers or even ex-police officers, should not be shown to commit murder. A new ending was filmed, in which the police arrest Gabbar Singh in the nick of time. Several other minor changes were made as well.

I think my childhood would have been a lot different had I seen the original ending.

  1. shahzad said:

    bah.. i only remember the ending where the thakur killed gabbar singh with spiked shoes and spikey balls chained to his torso in place of his arms..
    i never knew the movie had a saner end.. this is an interesting talking point heh

  2. Hey…!! I think the Sholay has just one end and that is ending Gabbar with spiked shoes!!!!

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