A Little Less Human

Gill Scott Heron was wrong. This revolution has been televised. From protests against the presidential reference against Justice Iftikhar to citizens from every walk of life saying no to extremism. The role the media has played in these past two months has been remarkable. From the day the shocking footage of the chief justice of Pakistan being manhandled was aired till today, the nation has been bombarded with a series of images, each more Orwellian than before.

This is why it angers me when people make offhand comments about how the presidential reference doesn’t make a difference in their lives. How dare they say that – an attack on the judiciary is not inconsequential, it is one of the highest forms of injustice and arrogance on the part of the establishment that we have seen so far, and there have been many instances in history that we have seen images that have made our blood turn cold – public floggings, a mountain turning shades of crimson and then yellow, Murtaza Bhutto dying in a pool of blood, bombs, every year, more regular than the electricity supply.

So remember this: when you say it doesn’t matter, when you ignore the headlines, and the bitter editorials, you become a little less human. Everyday.

  1. a_r said:

    I think when people say they dont care what happens in the CJ’s case, they mean they are tired of the political mud-slinging that has been going on since the establishment of the current government. friendship with israel, Hudood ordinance , bugti,steel mills case, and now the Supreme court issue…these issues have been hyped over and over again. What adds to the boredom is that the video footage of a 20 second scene is repeated a 1000 times on a channel. Time now we had more actual news and less “in-depth” analysis.

    Plus,You know it doesnt mean the chief justice came from heaven. After all, its a court handling the issue.

  2. Sam said:

    I agree with part of the comment by a_r… the ‘news’ is just drivel churned over and over again. I have yet to see anything insightful said about the judiciary ruckus or about the Lal Masjid drama. When I say it doesn’t matter, I mean it. It doesn’t matter in the long run. This too shall die down.

    Tell me this: When you have democracy, what are you going to do with it? When Pakistan is a democracy, what great change will come of it? We have experienced it before. In a country where a vote is worth Rs. 1000, what democracy is it that you’re all going on about?

    You may say I’m jaded, I say I’m a realist.

  3. asad said:

    unfortunately there are a lot of people in pakistan who really aren’t affected by this … people who don’t call their lawyers when they’re in trouble, just their bankers.

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