Book Recommendation of the Week!

060980691201lzzzzzzz.jpg Please buy this book if you’re a journalist, or associated with the world of media in any way, and even if you’re a blogger activist. The book is available at Liberty Books and on Amazon and is worth every cent. And if it makes you a better journalist or a writer, please send a donation to the charitable cause ‘Save Huma From Bankruptcy’.

  1. thesouthtoday said:

    If you don’t mind my asking, are you from Pakistan or just there as a reporter?

    We should order lots of copies of this book and send them to every jerk at CNN. If we had any sense we’d have all the propagandists at CNN investigated and put before a Grand Jury and charged with treason. Truly American “journalists” are a clear and present danger so perhaps we should just shoot them all.

  2. Huma Imtiaz said:

    I’m from Pakistan. And not all American journalists are like that – Seymour Hersh is fan-fuckin-tastic as a journalist, as are many others. But I agree – CNN has some of the most biased and absurd reports ever.

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