“Justice is the bread of the nation; it is always hungry for it.”
-François de Chateaubriand

While talk of Sarkozy winning the elections still brings tears to my eyes [oh the neocon nightmare that is about to unfold, hai], I had to restrain myself from not jumping up and down with joy when I heard this:

The Supreme Court issued a stay order for suspending the proceedings of the Supreme Judicial Council. The bench has also ordered formation of a full court bench and referred the constitutional petition of the chief justice to the full court. [The News]

I don’t really want to predict what will happen next – a state of emergency being declared, an internal coup, Shaukat Aziz being fired – the rumors and conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen and adding to the confusion will do no good. But at least, for today, let us be grateful for this small victory.

  1. jammie said:

    nuts is the word of the day- karachi has, today, officially, gone nuts.

  2. Asfandyar said:

    believe it or not, but sarkozy is probably a shade better than the spineless royal.

    he’ll definitely pull france out of its stagnant economic state, but his take on immigration (whatever he eventually settles on) may unravel him

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