Karachi Burning.

Karachi is burning today. And this may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory, but all of this, the burning of cars, the shootouts, the violence – all of this is happening according to a very well calculated plan. This is no longer about the independence of the judiciary. This is a display of arrogance by the people that hold power. Mr. President, maybe you should go back to your history books – shouldn’t you be scared of meeting Zia or Bhutto’s fate?

  1. khizzy said:

    hmmmmm…pretty stressful.
    its just disturbing me that inncocent people are dying as a result of this ‘cicus’!

  2. Jalal said:

    The feeling of absolute political impotence is so extremely overbearing.

  3. Nusrat said:

    What you get is what you [Pakistanis] deserve.
    I am a Kashmiri from the Indian side, whose family was killed, home burnt down and state destroyed by thugs sent across the border by your farce of a country.

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