Karachi: The Aftermath


There are dead bodies lying in the streets, and above them, in a display of jarring incongruity, is a sign stating that 2007 is the year of tourism for Pakistan, and I think that if I don’t laugh I’m going to cry, because how did this happen to us again? The scenes flashing past me look like images from Beirut or Baghdad, or Sarajevo. People crying, blood everywhere, fire licking at anything even remotely flammable, and no matter where you turn, moustachioed thugs with Kalashnikovs and carbines, firing at anything that moves.

Blood and Tears – Sepia Mutiny

I have learned that watching Musharraf’s speech immediately after eating dinner can cause nausea of the highest degree. I’d like to play the blame game now, but I’m still recovering from hearing gunfire for over three hours and I think I’d like to recover in the only way I know how to in Karachi – inhale, exhale, and repeat to myself that tomorrow will be a better day.

[Image courtesy BBC]

  1. Anathema said:


    try having 18 hours of firing for five years 🙂

    i am back in my blame game too.

  2. Meher said:


    I randomly came across your blog & I love it! I am sorry for what you & Pakistan are going through & I, too, pray that tomorrow will be a better day.

  3. a_r said:

    And this is exactly why the public should stop giving a toss about the CJ issue….The british left us early, we’re too emotional.

  4. moizza said:

    It seemed more of an ego issue, I don’t know how much of it by 5 pm yesterday was even about the judiciary anymore.

  5. two words: Civil War!
    One conclusion: Deliverance

    From what is anybody’s guess but one thing is certain, this nation needs to remember what its like to be martyrs, what’s it like to have conviction, what’s it like to believe… in anything at all, but at least believe…
    The nation grieves today, but this is only the beginning… the clarion call, the battle cry… whatever. Start looking up for the arrows coming down.

  6. beknighted, I totally can relate to you and already said it somewhere else and quote here again:
    For me, though however it boils my blood to see the destruction of our civil society as well (blame Mushi or Altaf but who exactly killed and fired and looted streets?). Today, after a long time, I prayed. And I prayed if there IS a civil war looming on our heads, please God, let it be thrown to us and let us deal with it sooner the better. And let it be the last war of our shattered hopes, aspirations, high esteemed dreams and of our dignity. Let it be the last and let it be passed soon. However the price it may entail, it won’t be bigger than the constant rape of our moral, social and religious values.

  7. Rameza said:

    It’s really sad that all this is happening in Karachi. And it breaks my heart to know that 2007 was supposed to be a year for tourism for Karachi.

    We Pakistanis in Singapore are quite worried and my father reckons Musharaff will not be in office for too long. My best friend’s dad is in Karachi for some work and he cannot get out of the house because of the firings. All of us are very worried here and everyone is going around asking ‘Halaat kaisey hain?’

    May Allah protect those in Karachi and I hope everything settles soon.

  8. MARYA said:

    Salamz! i just came across ur blog randomly, u r so ryte, khi is burning, i dnt know y in the game of the biggger fish, the smaller fish have to suffer, a city so lively as khi, a city that was recovering from the old illnesses is again in the same old pitty condition, i am coming to khi at the end of dis year from isloo, infact m getting married, and u know what m really afraid, really worried, how will i be a part of it,itnee door ho k m so disturbed and God forbid, if it happens again n again, how would i be able to live like normal
    hats off to all the karachites that u people laugh and smile even when such uncertainty is around

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