Pity Pakistan.

From the Daily Telegraph

When asked whether he will doff his uniform by the end of the year, in accordance with a constitutional amendment that he introduced, Musharraf replied: “It is enough for the nation to know that we will follow the constitution.”

In recent months, his unwillingness to tackle girls armed with sticks in an Islamabad madrassa have raised old accusations that he is playing the “militant card” to persuade the West that, without him, Pakistan will fall to the Islamic extremists.

But who needs Islamic devils when it is Pakistan’s secular forces, be it a general clinging to power or the previous civilian premiers, that appear to be intent on tearing up the country.

What began as policemen beating black-suited lawyers with bamboo canes has now become a murderous intrigue.

On Monday, four gunmen entered the house of a senior supreme court official and shot him in front of his family. His widow blames the government and intelligence agencies. His friends claimed he had come under pressure to testify against the chief justice.

Pity Pakistan.

Read the entire article here

  1. just read the bbc article right now, where you’ve also got your views up. nice.

  2. shoaib said:

    read ur article @ BBC

    I am completely baffled with the whole situation. I was in karachi last month and saw completely different situation. Even my mom didnt know anything about stuff such as girls dressed up in burqa kidnapping people or the chief minister being sacked.

    When I do get to read the news @ BBC I get the feeling Pakistan is on the way to destruction but when I go back it feels as if things are changing for better.

    4 years back usually me and my friends would go out for a night out. Now we cant go to any place without seeing a lot of kids crying or aunties speaking loudly. Obviously this indicates things are getting better otherwise who would have thought of spending 500 per person for a meal.

    the number of cars on the road have trebled in three years time. numerous new shopping malls are being built. Restaurants on every nook and corner……I dont understand how could this be happening if people dont have money to spend.

    Obviously this is not the measure of how well pakistan is doing but I saw a jamadar with a mobile. Roads are being built (but please for god sake someone get rid of all the motor bikes and people who dont know how to drive).

    My idea will be to get rid of all the bloody politicians who are turning this country into an absolute mess. :X

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