On the Road with Pakistan’s New Hero

From Time Magazine:

Heroes come with chariots. James Bond had his Aston Martin, Batman had the Batmobile. Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry rides in a rattletrap 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero with ailing suspension, an inoperable sunroof and no windshield wipers. Shy, slightly cross-eyed and at times awkward, Pakistan’s Supreme Court Chief justice is as unlikely a hero as his ride. But he is at the center of an escalating crisis that threatens to destabilize Pakistan’s military dictatorship.

Read the entire article here

  1. Sajida said:

    Aaaah… god bless the humble pajero & god bless CJ.. he has the hearts of the people.. *toot-toooot*

  2. Adnan Y. said:

    The very public popularity of the fellow, coupled with thinking-aloud in Washington about a “Pakistan with Musharraf”, wouldn’t seem to bode well for Musharraf, non?

    Also, at first glance, I read that article as insinuating that IMC had a Batmobile. Which would be awesome,especially if it was the Batman Begins walla.

  3. Sajida said:

    Vrroom vrooomm… @batmobile.. but hows abt a Pakistani truck..?? *wit wooo*

    Totally behind CJ and im re-enamoured with Imran Khan again.. YAYYY… & Boooo @ Mushy & MQM’s dirty politics

    I just read this full article from Time magazine.. uuurgh.. please.. they are so blatant.. just seeing the cnn logo on the website just says it all. American brainwashing stops at nothing, they have bakwaas all over the kid’s school textbooks.. SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS.. wtf? (seen it with my own eyes) its laughable as its so blatant and obvious at times, but at other times just plain irritating.. Thank god I’m this side of the pond!
    Best news = Grazia Magazine (Fashionista glossy.. but my god it rocks, unknowingly pro-muslim & pro-pakistani) Euronews and England’s Channel 4. methinks!

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