The Looooong Arm of the Law.

Over The Top: My Favorite Minister
-Masood Hasan

Although Sh. Rasheed has over the years maintained his position as top buffoon of whichever government he was associated with, I am afraid that this particular mantle of honour must now rest on the broad shoulders of Mr Wasi Zafar. His long arm, of the law one might add, is already a bedtime story with which mothers frighten errant children who refuse to abide by bedtimes and his slapping career is far from over. Not only is he courageous enough to take on anybody who so much as looks in the direction of his beloved government, but in a recent TV debate, clad in a regulation white ‘shallu’ he set a refreshing new trend. On the sets of Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk, the minister bored out of his wits, shifted his posterior and then in the great tradition of all Pakistanis who wrap their bodies in six yards and more of cloth, lifted his shirt and reached down into the nether regions. This public display of the minister’s innate cultured upbringing and excellent behaviour would surely endear him even more to the country’s president and the prime minister, who apparently think the world of their minister. That’s good because we now all know what Mr Zafar thinks of everyone else who should be foolish enough to watch TV. When cautioned by the host about not disturbing his family marbles in public, the minister, bless him, retorted with the classic, ‘It is my right.’ Viewers may be forgiven if they are mistaken in thinking that it was actually his left although there are reports that on careful viewing it seems it was the whole shebang lot. Did I hear someone say ‘No Ball?’ No? Must be my ears.

Read the entire op-ed here

  1. Sajida said:

    He did WHAAAT? On international TV?
    Cheers for the video link, I dont know if I can stomach watching it on my lunch break,
    Tut, some Men and their ”special needs”. they just cant resist a fiddle.. must be a comfort thing..

  2. a_r said:

    Ohh do watch the spectacle….at least 4 hrs after lunch 🙂

  3. Sajida said:

    That was funny!! HAHAHAHA… what a corker!
    Dont know how the rest of them could keep such a straight face..

  4. Nadir said:

    This, along with the Imran Khan-MQM face off on Capital Talk, may just be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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