wag the dog.

The Pakistani Government has just pulled off their biggest stunt EVER. Not only did they divert the attention from the fact that over 2 million people are dying right now thanks to the cyclone, or that the Supreme Court of Pakistan just told the government they were a bunch of arses, but they also managed to pull it off with something that would immediately grab the world’s attention – the Lal Masjid fiasco. Musharraf really has played his last cards now, it seems like he has no other tricks up his sleeve.

I ❤ Pakistan!

  1. Sajjad said:

    It’s quite mind-boggling to think that someone who could coordinate a major coup, while still in mid-air, and hang on to power for 9 years as both the president and the head of the armed forces, is unable to do anything about a small group of bandits right in the heart of the capital. Either he is no longer fit to lead anything or it’s all a facade and there are ulterior motives for letting this fiasco continue.

  2. Nadir said:

    Do you know the provenance of I

  3. Nadir said:

    Oops. WordPress ate up half my comment.

    Do you know the provenance of I

  4. Sajida said:

    Ermm.. well the brit govt. just offered god knows how many more million pounds towards ”earthquake relief” soon as they said that on the news I thought.. ”hmmph.. wonder what conditions are attached to THAT fat wad of cash?”
    well now we know!!
    ”Wag the dog” how very apt.. psychotic little lapdog!

    God bless Lal Masjid, rest the souls of those who died, Ameen.

  5. Adnan Y. said:


    “The government said it wanted talks. “Despite unprovoked firing by the students of Lal Masjid, the government still wants to settle the issue through dialogue,” State Interior Minister Zafar Warraich told PTV.”

    I’m not a fan of Lal Masjid whatsoever, but…seriously, that’s the best they can tell PTV?

    See, The Pakistani Govt’s got to learn to work its PR better, if it wants to be in with the big boys.

  6. Anathema said:

    Wag the Dog indeed.
    Wag it hard.

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