Musharraf and his cronies..

Frederic Grare writes in Rethinking Western Strategies Toward Pakistan, the latest report by the Carnegie Endowment For International Peace:

General Musharraf and his cronies have introduced constitutional changes that have radically altered the nature of the political system, and the army has never been so deeply entrenched, not only in the economy but, more importantly, in every sector of the country’s public life. Its total control of administration is particularly significant in this regard. The former implicit alliance between the bureaucracy and the military has been replaced by explicit subordination of the bureaucracy to the military in which the army controls recruitment, training, and promotion. Moreover, all public institutions, including the judiciary, have been weakened.

Political parties are in shambles.

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  1. Sajida said:

    ”WASHINGTON, July 11: A day after troops carried out an operation against Lal Masjid in Islamabad President Gen Pervez Musharraf received a pat on the back from no less a person than US President George W. Bush for being a “strong ally” in the war against terror.”

    Awww.. just a pat on the back? why not allow for lip to butt-cheek action?

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