Dear Mr. President

Mr. President, what have you unleashed? Is this all part of the Great Power Game or is this a reaffirmation that Pakistan is fighting a bloody internal war with its own citizens?

  1. Sajida said:

    Yeah you tell him!

    Well yeah Pak’s always been laughed at for being its own worst enemy, BUT I think its becoming very apparent that there are outside forces that are destroying the country *cough* F-16 Jets *cough*.

  2. Asfandyar said:

    Waziristan isn’t part of Pakistan. And any scum who feel the need to blow themselves up and kill Pakistanis are hardly worthy of being called citizens.

    Its funny how you seem to be pandering to our spineless politicians who will take not a second to either be hypocritical or stupid just to score some worthless political points.

    When Musharraf shook hands with the MMA and kept the talibans at bay over the past couple of years people slated him for holding hands with the fundos. Do you really think these creatures know what diplomacy or logic is? Hell, do you really think they know what the word HUMANITY means?

    Now, he’s realized that the keep-them-at-bay option didn’t work and he has to, pardon the brevity, take care of them, he’s getting slated for turning on our own people.

    And i’m not a Musharraf fan, not anymore anyway. My goat is with everyone who seems to be doing what most of the US is doing; taking pot shots at a President when he’s out there with a bulls-eye on his head.

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