A country in chaos.

12 people are reportedly dead in Islamabad, after another bomb blast took place in the city, near the infamous Red Mosque. This, after protests took place at the mosque earlier today, tear gas was fired and the mosque was occupied by the protesters.

Simultaneously, President Musharraf and ex-PM Benazir Bhutto met in UAE. Interestingly enough, the head of the ISI was present in the meeting, which serves as a reminder of the role that the intelligence agencies play in Pakistani politics.

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  1. shahzad said:

    there were reports of shahbaz sharif joining this little get-together heh, but seems he missed out then..

    what a shame, though we had it coming. it was quite explicit in the manner benazir talked about any ‘deals’ – stating that any deal with the establishment would not be too popular with the masses, somehow suggesting that it clearly wasnt a question of any principles or any sense of whats better for the country, it always was about whichever way she could get back on the seat and then cling on to it for dear life.

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