Al Jazeera – Witness: The Red Mosque

aljazlogo.jpg I just finished watching the Al Jazeera Witness Special on the Red Mosque. Judging solely from the angry comments left on YouTube, there are a lot of feelings of anger and resentment brewing amongst Muslims on Operation Silence.

Watch the Witness Special – The Red Mosque here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

1 comment
  1. Sajida said:

    Interesting documentary,
    Im not too fond of Al-Jazeera, but this documentary is definitely one I’ll watch!

    Please watch this too:
    Its not for the faint of heart, It gave me nightmares but I guess its proof right there, of what happened! I have no words after watching this, we cant say whose right and whose wrong, just grieve for so many human lives lost!

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