When rains hit, we automatically know what to do next, thanks to years of mismanagement by this government and the governments before that. While the government pats themselves on the back and spend tons of money on schemes that will never see the light of the day, or schemes that are carried out only to inconvenience the citizens of this city, the fact remains this: 60 years after independence, and more than 200 years after this city was established, Karachiites do not have access to a proper rain water drainage system, that can support this mammoth of a city.

And we’re supposed to feel patriotic every Independence Day.

  1. cow said:

    didn’t mush promise us a whole bunch of dams.

  2. huma said:

    amongst many other things, yes.

  3. affan said:

    Are sites as such very common in karachi? Reminds of jeddah, whenever it used to rain, entire city would turn into a swimming pool! lol

  4. i know…thats exactly what my momy says…

  5. asad said:

    i’ve long felt that an approach based upon popular participation works best in the provision of public services. and – as you point out, huma – we’ve all known for long that the public agencies that should be responsible for our welfare are, in fact, quite irresponsible.

    i would love to see some form of dedicated neighbourhood organisation in karachi. before that can happen, though, i think people will have to accept the area where they live as their primary social space, rather than simply a channel between the private space of their home and the current primary social spaces for the privileged of karachi – workplaces, schools, restaurants, and clubs.

    i’m sure practical plans could be devised – and implemented too – at the neigbourhood level, in neighbourhoods around the city, if people just understand that there are people living one, two, three doors from them who are sharing their problems, and if they understand also that there’s great potential for collective action.

    on the other hand, i’m skeptical about the potential for improvement in public services – and pretty much anything else – from regime change alone. we could bring down this government, or others of us could, but if we continue to expect points of authority in pakistan’s social-political hierarchy – ministers, businessmen, generals – to exercise their power in the interests of all the rest, we will continue to be disappointed.

  6. supersizeme said:

    Yup, bad public services and lack of provisions, situation is dire, Yet Global warming is creating global bedlam and deaths by droves, conditions arent going to improve in any way, government better get ready for it really! Cant expect them to be superhuman, but at least stop being so pathetic!


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