Wanted: Help for the Soul.


The uncertainty in the air is going to be the end of us all. I see furrowed bros and an increase in the sale of painkillers everywhere. Surprises are nice, uncertainty is not. Our country’s future now lies in the hands of a judge and a military dictator. Our city’s future, in particular, depends on our insensitive rulers, who seem to get a perverse satisfaction out of Karachiites being stuck in traffic for hours on end, or navigating roads that resemble safari treks more than paved pieces of land. Civil liberties and human rights are a far away dream.

Last week, as I saw images of people celebrating 60 years of being Pakistani, all I wanted to do was ask them this: what on earth are you celebrating?

Can’t this all be a nightmare? Because this state of affairs is far too wretched to be true.

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