Update: Presidential Vacancy

From The News:

Dr Anwar-Ul-Haq, former head of the Department of Pathology at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), received a letter from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) informing him that documents with regard to presidential elections would be supplied to him after the announcement of the schedule.

Dr Anwar had contacted the ECP showing his intention to contest for the president and asked for provision of a form and instructions that whether being a government servant he was eligible to be a candidate. He argued that if Musharraf can fight polls while in army service, why he cannot do it.

The ECP letter, dated Septmeber 1, in response to the doctor’s applications, dated August 23 and 28, did not mention whether he was eligible for becoming a candidate for the slot of the president.

A source close to Dr Anwar told The News that the doctor planned to write to the ECP again to repeat his demand to provide him with the instructions whether being a government servant he could contest the presidential polls. The doctor was transferred from PIMS to Health Ministry immediately after he unveiled his plan to challenge President Musharraf.

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