I have been going to the Shershah bridge that collapsed last week since the day it fell. I have met people who heard children screaming from below the rubble, who saw the bridge crumple to the ground in the matter of seconds. The questions and the anger continue to grow.

According to Ayesha Siddiqa’s book Military Inc, the NLC [the company responsible for constructing this bridge] had an estimated net worth of Rs.3,964.652 million (US$63.356 million) in 2000-2001.

  1. supersizeme said:

    That is a LOT of money for something so flimsy! Then again was it flimsy? Was it something other than shoddy workmanship/materials that brought it down? Never know.. maybe there was some saazish.. *sorry im ultra paranoid*

    That image of children being crushed under rubble is reminiscent of Oct 8, which was a natural disaster, and this ones a man-made disaster 😦

  2. thats a lot of money! is sad they couldnt construct a decent bridge in that amount??? well all know where most of the money went!!

  3. aggressivesoul said:

    even i passed by it today..gave me goosebumps all over to see it overturned and all..hell..its like something i saw in ‘war of the worlds’ and praised those special effects..but felt like crying today while looking at this..hell..according to what i heard..they had to construct the bridge that way..the curve being a small one (too small) instead of being a longer one..coz of the factory coming in between which belonged to some hotshot who pulled strings etc so that the construction wont affect his factory area..or somethin like that..i dont know if this piece of info is accurate or not..hell..whatever were the reasons for the faulty construction..the whole anything.
    May ALLAH rest the souls in peace of all those who lost their lives..and cure those who are badly injured..and keep all of us safe. and sane.

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