To Isloo and Back.


Watching Nawaz Sharif’s attempt to return and subsequent deportation on local television today felt like watching a repeat of the 2004 episode, when Shahbaz Sharif had tried to land at the Lahore airport. Times change, but everything remains the same. What I fail to understand is why everyone is so utterly taken aback by the state of affairs. Time to dust off those history books, tut tut.

In the meantime, this is the best blog entry of the week.

  1. Sajida said:

    What a load of tosh!
    Im gutted, but your right.. we should’ve expected it.. I did expect some cock-ups, but not this!

    Random quote:
    Frodo: ”What are you holding onto Sam?”
    Sam: ”That there’s some goodness in this world mr Frodo and it’s worth fighting for”.

    *Sob, Sniff sniff!*

  2. Asfandyar said:

    Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding Sharif’s return to the country, why does everyone seem to overlook that he’s defaulted on his exile deal with Musharraf?

    Not to mention how I find it amusing that everyone was enraptured with Nawaz Sharif’s ousting in 1999, only to see him as the saviour of democracy now. Ultimately, Musharraf’s has been little better than him, but surely harkening back to the days of Nawaz Sharif who toiled with us and took us to the brink of financial destruction just ascertains our fallacious nature as Pakistanis.

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