‘Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.’
-The Beatles

Judgment day has come and gone, and a farce of a presidential election is a few days away. We are left sniffing tear gas and looking on in horror as journalists and lawyers are manhandled live on television, while the Information Minister smirks as he sees clouds of tear gas envelop the crowd outside. Not that this hasn’t happened in the past – midnight arrests, bans, gag orders and more have been a ritual with each government, but now even the thought of what tomorrow will bring makes me want to drown my sorrows in explosive cocktails. Tomorrow will be a better day..gah, tomorrow will be worse than today…because each day’s excesses makes the government think they can get away with just a little bit more than before.

And the saddest part is, they actually do.

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  1. Asfandyar said:

    Though unfortunate, it beggars the question as to whether we really should be ruled by someone of our own selection.

    Championing the Supreme Court as it reinstates its CJP then uttering “Shame! Shame!” within the walls of the same institution when things don’t go your way reeks of the sort of hypocrisy we as Pakistanis seem to have embedded in our very genetic make-up.

    Despite Chaudry Iftikhar’s rather muted objections to the bench that was set, it was interesting that very few calls were raised about the legitimacy of the bench during the proceedings. Yet, when the verdict is surprising to us, there are calls of foul-play and judicial irregularities. Differs not much from a cricket match played out on any street in Pakistan does it?

    I also found it quite amusing that most of the Lawyers themselves paraded around with sticks. You cannot do that and then claim to be assaulted when a gung-ho member of the riot force jumps you.

    Either way, I think Musharraf giving away his uniform after getting re-elected will really do far little for his “image” than what he thinks.

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