Still Ticking.

In less than 24 hours, we have had a presidential election and have unofficially declared a winner, who may still be declared ineligible to contest elections. We have also had an ordinance passed, which gives power hungry politicians to dip into the coffers of the country. Many of the people I met honestly don’t give a shit as to who rules over them. Their lives aren’t getting any better, and they’re still as downtrodden as they were a few years, or a few decades ago.

This country needs a revolution that is not tainted with an unquenchable thirst for power, and a lust for money.

  1. Tariq said:

    agreed.. but who shall take the lead?

  2. Sreedhar said:

    Why dream about impossible events? Where do you have people to lead revolution? Coming to “ever downtrodden” , what can be done about that?
    Instead of looking at macro picture and getting depressed all the time, we should create our own domains of influence and try to create micro utopias there.
    Do your bit, and hope others too do the same. Stop watching TV, reading news paper, it’s good for health. 🙂

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