1971 anyone?

The News:

Eight military officers including one lieutenant colonel, who were kidnapped by the tribal Taliban along with 240 other military men in August this year, will be facing immediate proceedings of court martial in a military court when freed. A lieutenant colonel, who was actually commanding the 240 jawans and reportedly ordered them to lay down their arms before the Taliban to save his own life after a gun was placed on his head, would face the maximum penalty.

  1. asad said:

    sorry, this is slightly off-topic, but i saw it when i tried following the link.
    the news website has (apparently) been hacked. here’s a screen capture from roughly 9am pst.

  2. asad said:

    history moves in vicious circles.

    at least we don’t have anything like the situation in december 1971 when the military government needed to save its skin by making a deal with bhutto.

    oh, wait a minute …

  3. vicious is the word. and i wonder why people are surprised at the ups and downs in pakistani politics. new faces, same stories.

  4. Sajida said:

    Whoa! So what happened in 71? It was the Bangladesh partition right and all the gory bits with it?

  5. Asfandyar said:

    hope you all are fine…

    yesterday was a sad day, for more than just the 124 dead, unfortunately.

  6. Although the world has stopped spinning we as individuals with the power of the net begin to voice our opinions and concerns and gain momentum for our ideas and thoughts. The events around the world in regards to terrorism and political killings are common place and a common practice for some people. These are the one’s we need to expose and their ideologies. It is indeed sadening the people cannot walk the streets safe all ove the world, may the creator help us all.

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