Back with a Bang.


It was supposed to be a two day celebration. It started with the sound of pro-PPP slogans, and ended with the stench of rotting flesh.

But while the loss of over a 140 lives is a horrible tragedy; the return of the Mohtarma, till the blast occurred, was a sight to behold. The sense of euphoria that gripped the crowd when she emerged from Terminal 1 was infectious. Despite being away for eight years, her charisma is every bit as powerful as it was when she left. 21 years after her historic arrival in Lahore, Benazir still has the power to draw massive crowds who will wait for 12 hours in the scorching sun for a glimpse of her.

  1. asad said:

    i wonder how popular she would be today if she had been prime minister for the past eight years. she’s been able to project this image of a victimised patriot during her time outside pakistan, and absence makes the heart grow fonder. this has strengthened her hand just as much as musharraf’s follies have weakened his.
    in sum, this is one of the clearest signs of how great a failure musharraf’s rule has been in terms of his own goals when he took over. he hasn’t allowed any realistic political options to emerge, and pakistan is still stuck in a politics of lesser failures versus greater ones.

  2. Hate said:

    Yea! Wat charisma…..I must agree madam!
    Such charisma………that it makes the old fucking bitch get away with millions of dollars and a bunch of corruption!
    and ur gonna deny this……but she herself caused the explosion! Belive it or not!
    and honestly have u EVER seen such hypocrisy……???
    Im talking abt the time wen she landed here…….as soon as she saw the media all focused on her……only then did tears started comming out? GOD giv me a break!
    and this old slut, apart from flirting with Mushhy, gets away with her use of english language!

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