Dangerous Nation # 1: Pakistan


While the Newsweek cover story has been talked about and blogged about ad infinitum, I wonder: will we ever publicly acknowledge and accept who caused Pakistan to be titled so? Perhaps its time to give a final push to the skeletons that are already hanging halfway outside the cupboard.

  1. jonolan said:

    HEY! It’s “Rage Boy”! He’s back at last!

  2. Anathema said:

    ah thanks
    i was sooo offended when this reached our doorstep yesterday!

  3. Asfandyar said:

    offended because even though its slight hyperbole, its somewhat true?

  4. supersizeme said:

    Well, for the U.S the media is their strong forte, they use it to good effect.
    Hey! dont like someone? put it in print or celluloid and voila! the world will believe what you want them to believe.
    Not that everything in the media is lies, theres always a hint of truth, be it 98% or 00.001%.
    BBC news used to be quite independant, but nowadays they just mimic CNN. Its kinda sick really…

    Anyway.. yeah I’d like to know who started this kerfuffle up too.

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