Alliance / Dalliance

The Washington Post asks some questions about where the US aid to the Pakistani army is going. My favorite excerpt from the article is:

Independent Western experts also wonder whether Pakistan is devoting too much of U.S. aid to large weapons systems, while shortchanging its own counterinsurgency forces; they say it also is not spending enough on social problems that might address the root causes of terrorism. Of $1.6 billion in U.S. aid dedicated to security assistance in Pakistan since 2002, for example, more than half went for purchases of major weapons systems sought by Pakistan’s army, including F-16 fighters, according to U.S. officials.

The officials and experts also say U.S. aid has typically lacked sufficient oversight, or any means of measuring its effectiveness.

The aid spigot — now pegged at more than $150 million a month — has remained open even during periods when Pakistan’s leadership ordered its counterterrorism forces confined to barracks under a cease-fire agreement with the insurgents, the officials note.

I love this. The Pakistani army is taking the US for a ride. On the flip side, the US  expects Pakistan to fight pointless wars against its own people at the cost of thousands of lives, and refuses to accept responsibility that the Taliban is mainly a creation of Uncle Sam.

Read the entire article here

  1. supersizeme said:

    Interesting stuff!
    … heard all sorts of related stuff by word of mouth (gossip), but good to finally see it in print. Hopefully its fact-based and not been dramatised and stuff by the american news ppl.

  2. supersizeme said:

    OMG! Why would anyone kill P.A.F staff? Unless they’re not Pakistani? Or they’re trying to send psycho messages to Musharraff’s government!

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