Week 1

A week later, the judiciary is weakened and in disarray. Jails are overflowing with lawyers and activists. Fundamental human rights continue to be suspended. A general is still the president. The channels are off air, and will remain so till the Pakistan Broadcasters’ Association, and the various print journalism unions succumb to PEMRA’s demands. Laws are being amended, and politicians are either under house arrest or have gone underground. Students are protesting.

Pakistan is still in a state of emergency.

BBC’s Lyse Doucet has a strong sense of deja vu:

This is a nation that goes round and round in political circles.

  1. S said:

    Saw you on Geo. =) (I’m starting to feel like a stalker now). Err…anyway, its nice to see that people (reporters) like you are working to keep everybody aware of the actual situation.

  2. asad said:

    musharraf’s nearly checkmated himself, hasn’t he?

    martial law can’t go on for more than a few weeks, since the us, etc. are considering asking for refunds on their purchase of the pakistani military for their ‘war on terror.’

    once martial law ends, musharraf runs the risk of the real supreme court declaring his imposition of a state of emergency an act of treason. i don’t know how great a risk it is to him, though.

    in the meantime, musharraf is losing support at a breathtaking rate, both inside and outside pakistan. also, the police and military are busy arresting protesters and keeping people locked up in their homes, instead of dealing with the bombs and bullets exploding and shooting across the country.

    i guess the government’s decided to grant violent nuts a bit of freedom under the state of emergency.

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