In the line of fire.

From The News:

The widow of a slain Pakistani journalist was killed in a bomb blast in Harmaz town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan on Saturday. Unknown persons kidnapped and killed Hayatullah Khan an year ago. A bomb exploded outside the house of Hayatullah Khan killing his widow but her three children, who were sleeping in the same room, survived in the attack.

This story is far too convenient to be true. For more on Hayatullah Khan click here and here.

  1. nota said:

    Hayatullah’s only crime was reporting that those men “were killed by a missile fired from an unmanned US drone” which exposed the government’s lie.

    I also remember the b*stards of ISI telling his family a week before dumping his body something like “Don’t worry, we are sure he will be home very soon.” I also remember ISI was threatening his younger brother but haven’t heard any follow-up stories on that and pray he is fine.

    To read more about the case, please read Lesson from ISI’s killing of a Journalist in Pakistan

    A list of some of ISI’s victims can be found here

  2. Farhan Abid said:

    This may sound a tad bit ignorant but have all Geo channels been removed off the air? Has everyone been laid off?

  3. C said:

    errr just read, you got arrested?

  4. HeJ said:

    used to randomly stumble upon your blog/read your stuff of bandabaja. Saw you getting arrested in gulf news. keep it up, youre strong.

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