Musharraf says the state of emergency was imposed to curb extremism. Clearly, journalists in Karachi were the extremists yesterday as over a 100 of them were baton charged and then detained. Yes, I was one of the ones detained and I am fine, thank you for the concern.

Secondly, this is not a fight against a military ruler. It is a fight to regain our fundamental right to express our opinion, and be able to do our job. Whether we do it well or not is another debate. For now, ‘azaadi-e-sahafat zindabad!’

  1. Police state fighting against extremism , what a farce

  2. asad said:

    good to hear you’re okay.

  3. aMmAr said:

    good one, cant agree more to you on this one pal!

  4. supersizeme said:

    Azadi e sahafat zindabaad! Amen!

    Is risking your own well-being and even your life? …even worth it? There’s zero guarantee that things will work out in your favour… ever! :s

    Glad to hear Imran Khan’s been freed but kinda worrying as he’s still on a hunger strike, those buggers wont do anything .. he’ll end up incapacitated and for nothing?

  5. Ana said:

    What azadi-e-sahafat? Its a fight against a military ruler.

  6. Raj said:

    dont worry .. u will win .. thats already decided ..

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