Our Leader.

The state of emergency is to be lifted on December 16, says our newly sworn in President, who was stammering. Leaders are supposed to give the nation hope, ours tells us to look forward to a continuation of the suspension of our fundamental rights.

  1. supersizeme said:

    The situation looks to be improving in Pakistani time.. ”zara tehar ke”

    Geo News in back up on air, CJ is no longer house arrest, Imran Khan is free, Nawaz Sharif is back.. and Mushy himself is no longer a General. Niiiice!

    But I understand, it doesnt take away all the damage already done. Should’nt have even happened in the first place.

  2. Anathema said:

    u know im biased.
    but. under bb or nawaz, when did the absence of emergency help any citizen at all?
    i still feel safe and alive then ive ever done in the years of those two

  3. Sam said:

    I’m rather taken aback at the naiveté of our so called enlightened class. What do you want for Pakistan? Do you want the 90s back? Do you have a solution for what happens when musharraf leaves? I can bet my life that all the news channels, journalists, so called intellectuals who do nothing but bash the current establishment will turn on the next one! It seems like a job description because let’s face it, you’d all be forced to actually work for a living instead of working at chipping away at any semblance of the state of normalcy the country existed in the last few years.
    Don’t take it personally, but this isn’t journalism, it’s criticism for the sake of it and you’ll be singing the same tune if anyone else had been in power. It’s a means to feeling self important in a society which loves to feel self important. I agree with anathema and I CAN’T believe how ignorant the media and pseudo intellectuals really are. All rabble really! Not one original thought, just constant criticism for the sake of it.

  4. supersizeme said:

    Hi Sam,
    You have made quite an interesting point, and there are lots around who share your views and I’ve heard lots of criticism towards the media thats against Musharraf’s rule.
    However I’ll have to disagree with you here, firstly, dont we wish it was so black & white? secondly, I know lots of people who have been made to suffer at the hands of this govt, there are so many horror stories, its clear to see that the MAJORITY of Pakistan’s population are anti-Mush and they have a right to feel that way, yet they have no voice, so in come independant channels and such media who are willing to voice the PEOPLE’s opinions, so I say bravo to them.

    Everything else aside, what about the inflation, cost of roti flour? Staple food? The countries economy suck! Thats Musharraf’s job to sort out.

    Everyone has theories about Mush, that he’s some sort of hero who is ‘protecting’ us from far worse? Hmmm.. I’m not so sure…

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