Who will save Islamabad?

Excerpt from Masood Hasan’s column in The News

Are there any public libraries in Islamabad? I doubt it. When 60 crore rupee giants called Pakistan Monument are raised, without as much as a small ‘no’ from the many intellectuals and do-gooders that Islamabad is infested with, what can you expect but havoc? Who will save Islamabad? Who will be its patron saint and who will bring some sanity into what is now a crazed vision of steel, glass, mortar, amusement parks, cable cars, merry go rounds, fast food outlets, mini golf courses and ragtag commercial warts? Who will save Islamabad now that Shaukat Aziz has packed his Gucci shoes in his Louis Vuitton bags? The judges of conscience stand dismissed and there is no potent voice for the environment’s defence, not in Islamabad and not elsewhere. All we have are people with a very dead conscience.

  1. GH said:

    I am an avid book reader but unfortunately there isn’t any public library in this city.

  2. Asfandyar said:

    are you serious mate? even more so, absolutely stunning journalism by Masood Hasan.

    GH, have you ever travelled to constitution avenue? Maybe perhaps the street next to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat?

    If you were a tad bit less misinformed you might’ve come across a placard bearing the title “ISLAMABAD PUBLIC LIBRARY”.

    But please, PLEASE, stick to your misappropriated antagonism.

    http://www.nlp.gov.pk/html/ipl.htm <- here’s your public library in Islamabad.

    I await further bollocks about how there should be more and all that though.

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