Elections 2008

While all eyes are peeled to the date December 16, the promised date for the lifting of the state of emergency in Pakistan, it will not end the state of upheaval the country is currently in. Make no mistake about it, the upcoming elections will be a fiasco. Regardless of which parties boycott it or abstain from the electoral process, it will not solve anything, since genuine democracy is missing in this country and it has been this way for far too many years. The major political parties’ ideology do not reflect the needs of the nation’s rapidly growing population, nor do they have any genuinely honest leaders to boast of. The one thing the parties are all good for is to make empty promises. Name one party that has even fulfilled 50% of what was promised in their manifesto and I’ll change my name to Hakuna Matata. The electoral process, already tainted with charges of pre-poll rigging, will not be transparent, nor will the results reflect the voters’ sentiments. After all, according to many independent versions, the only free and fair elections that the country has seen were 36 years ago, in 1971.

January 8 is barely a month away. The new question is: to vote, or not to vote.

  1. asad said:

    it seems as if the most likely scenario at this point is that the election will be rigged. also, i don’t think any of the people running will have my support. i’m guessing the same goes for many voters. in that case, i’d abstain, because this election, and the people involved in it, don’t speak for me, they don’t embody anything i value. an election like this is simply the product of an illegitimate process that a very small fraction of people support.

  2. M said:

    I second Asad. Theres really no point in voting..

  3. Hate said:

    Screw it people!
    wen did we….the average citizens of Pakistan EVER matter to the STUPID and HYPOCRITICAL political process of this country???

    Why wud any man/woman in there sensible head, wanna get up so early and GO VOTE and waste soo much enegery and thought into the whole desicion….wen everything is all decided???
    seriously! giv it a rest!

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