Students = Miscreants?

UPDATE 2: The President has asked that the case filed against the students and teachers be withdrawn. More here

UPDATE: The protesters have been charged under the Anti Terrorism Act, and bail pleas have been denied. For more, click here

From Dawn

Police detained 10 people, including lawyers and students outside the residence of Justice Shahid Siddiqi on Thursday night, hours after a High Court full bench issued a contempt notice to police for its failure in removing `miscreants’ from the GOR-1. Those picked up include Salman, the Justice’s son, lawyers Ahmed Bashir, Saima Khwaja and Irum, as well as three students, according to M Azhar advocate, media adviser to the Supreme Court Bar Association. According to student leader Ali Jan, a student from FAST called Hasan was among the arrested.

Just when I start believing that there is no way the government can committ yet another mistake, they go ahead and arrest protesting students and label them miscreants. More details on the arrests and subsequent protests can be read here

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  1. asad said:

    it’s sad, but it’s only to be expected. i don’t think we can have any expectations of dignified action from this government.

    on a lighter note, i think a few teachers i’ve known would argue that their students are, in fact, miscreants.

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