24 hours later.

Dozens have been left dead and hundreds are injured as a train derails in Sindh. Gulgee has been murdered. 14 people including children die when a bus overturns near Multan.

Pakistan wants to know this:

why have you forsaken me? 

  1. Hate said:

    I have heard all about this stuff…….except for the bus that toppled!

    and I love how u ended it!
    damn help us GOD!!!

  2. supersizeme said:


    Wait a sec!!! The guy who used to exhibition his weird and wonderful art peices? Like the Indus show at royal albert some years ago when Pakistani models (ZQ, Vinnie and co) wore gold jewellery sort of stuff, HE has been murdered? I saw some earlier footage of him on the news but didn’t catch his name, was just able to make out that he was an artist.

  3. supersizeme said:

    Sorry, that above comment makes it out like I didnt acknowledge the other tragedy, thats really scarey about that train. Will this fateful ill turn of events stop already! Pakistan’s disintegrating at such a fast pace, that any sane person will start to believe its all part of some warped curse or conspiracy.

  4. So Allah has told me about what you want.

    I give up because I respect your choice.

    But what you want will take lots of patience.

    And thanks for not helping THEM and standing up to them and saying you will die but won’t cheat me.

    Thanks. Means a lot.

    I guess the waiting game has begun but more for you than me as I will try to stay away.

    Take care and I will be a regular reader, from now on ward.


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