Eid Carnage.

I remember 12 years ago, when the security situation in Karachi had worsened to the extent that no one went for Eid prayers in the mosque, fearing violence and bloodshed. 12 years later, nothing has changed. And 12 years later, we are still busy waging internal wars.

From NYT:

“All possible care had been taken, there was no lapse as such … but such an incident can happen at such a gathering,” Hamid Nawaz [caretaker Interior Minister] said on Aaj TV.

What I want to know is this: how can Mr. Nawaz say there was no security lapse and yet an incident like this can still occur, even if appropriate security measures are taken. Over 50 people are dead and more than 200 have been injured in today’s bomb blast, and the government [till this minute] has refused to take responsibility.

  1. MB said:

    It was important to save that SOB. Who gives shit to the ordinary men.

    Wish Sherpao would have been gone. Evil thoughts !!

  2. Anathema said:

    if you were the establishment, what would you have done? how would you have stopped this?

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