On Benazir.

My earliest memory of Benazir Bhutto is watching her party win the elections in the late 80s.

My fondest memory of Benazir Bhutto is her making a victory sign to the television cameras soon after her arrival in Karachi on 18th October.

My last memory of Benazir Bhutto is her signing my copy of the PPP 40th Anniversary Book in early December this year after addressing a press conference.

Amidst all the violence, chaos, anarchy and conspiracy theories, one thing is for sure: Pakistan has lost its Daughter of the East, forever.

  1. rameza said:

    huma[ hoping that u rmb me 🙂 ], i am deeply saddened my BB’s death. in singapore, we are so shocked and the small pakistani community here is very sad. my mother is traumatised and so is my dadi. my late dada was a supporter of Bhutto.

    anyways, if i am not wrong, you had put up the link for geo news live on ur blog. can u pls gv it to me?

    thank u.

  2. asad said:

    unfortunately, i have no fond memories of benazir bhutto. i also don’t get why people are making a martyr out of her. she’d probably be pm next week, with musharraf as president – even though he declared a state of emergency, sacked the supreme court, and placed her under house arrest.

  3. supersizeme said:

    Yeah, whether we liked her or not, she was still part of us, for some weird reason, it feels like we’ve lost a family member, feel devastated, yet me and the people I know used to make a mockery of her. Feel terrible now, although I still dont dont like PPP and its ethics.

    Game’s over guys, Bhutto has exited the building. 😦

  4. JonyBr said:

    And the hope of millions of fellow country men has gone.

  5. Anathema said:

    hope? what hope? sorry. anyway. as tragic and sad as this loss is, and brutal as her death.. erm. my thoughts are with asad. what good did her two terms as PM prove that things would be any different now?

  6. JonyBr said:

    Anathema, regardless of my (or urs) political view about her previous office as PM, millions of people are die hard fans and they believe she was the right candidate. Similarly as you or I may believe in someone else, or no one at all. She was a HOPE for all those millions. U can either respect the view of those fellow country men, or just call them plain stupid – but then again, they may say the same about me or u.

    Plus, as I have written earlier somewhere, she indeed become one of those who have given life for the country (or u can say ‘apparently for the country’) but even then she became far better then me, u and other politicians who always bark about the problems and never do anything to solve and for the country 🙂

  7. papier-mache said:

    daughter of the east – nice. the daughter who plundered the state treasury and whose government can be best described as inept. and who in her death spat on the face of democracy by naming as her successor her poor 19 year old politically inexperienced son. on a humane level i just a feel a little bad about the way she died, but she is not a martyr. i worry more about the 30 others who died with her, who nobody cares to mention and whose families are probably shattered..benazir’s kids can eat off pakistan’s money..what will they eat?

  8. supersizeme said:

    Feeling queasy since I heard Scotland Yard was investigating the Bhutto assassination, I can understand why Zardari was adamnant for the UN to lead the case not Scotland Yard, especially since all that corruption kerfuffle was kicked up this summer within that agency, then again who says the UN is so clean.. we might aswell believe it was the lever that killed her and shut up. I hate politics and all affilitated with, its a rotten game with so many human lives at stake.
    Then they say the general public is paranoid, hmmph.. wonder why!

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