The Teashop Battle

From The Observer:

The village of Old Jatoi is divided by a bitter rivalry in this election season. It pits young against old, splits families, sets tribes against one another. Though the postponed polls are six weeks away, there is one burning question: do you patronise Ghulam Razzaq’s teashop or that of Hadyattullah?Sadly for Hadyattullah, the answer for most villagers is clear. Except on those numerous days when the power fails, the villagers buy their five rupee cups of sweet, milky tea from his rival. Because, much as they like him personally, Hadyattullah has not invested in a television and now that the sugar cane has been cut and the wheat is in the fields, the dramas, musicals and news talk shows fill the long afternoons. ‘I’ve just got married. I can’t afford a television. What can I do? I just watch the customers go next door,’ Hadyattullah says mournfully.

Read the entire article here


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