Pakistan’s politicians should avoid unnecessary public exposure; keep travel plans flexible/ unpredictable; plan and use different routes for traveling; corner meetings may be used as preferred mode of electioneering and big rallies should be avoided as far as possible; unnecessary exposure during slow movement of vehicles should be avoided; unidentified persons should not have access to residence; unidentified persons should not be allowed to get closer to the leader.

Above is an extract of the Interior’s Ministry briefing. Unless Pakistan’s politicians have a photographic memory, 99.99% of the population, dubbed by the Interior Ministry as ‘unidentified persons’ should be avoided by politicians.

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  1. supersizeme said:

    Never known such a lousy govt in world history, look what its doing to its people!
    These measures are like a case ”too little too late”.. but I suppose they expect the people to be grateful for even that.

    ”Do the bloodied sheets on those cobbled streets mean I have wasted time” James Blunt.

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