The Nightmare

An excerpt Mohammad Hanif’s article My Benazir Murder Fantasy:

For the purpose of those lost in the forensics’ labyrinth, one can point out that more than fifty years ago Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaqat Ali was assassinated in the same Rawalpindi park (hence the name Liaqat Bagh) and the last I heard my colleague Mazhar Zaidi was trying to unearth the mystery by going through some recently declassified CIA documents. He remembers that even then the Pakistan government had conceded to the opposition’s demands and called in Scotland Yard experts. In our own lifetime we have seen General Zia’s plane blown up in mid air. Experts were called in from the USA but we never found out what happened. Benazir Bhutto’s own brother was gunned down while she was the Prime Minister. Scotland Yard was called in then too yet his murder remains a mystery. The only time Pakistan security agencies did their job was when General Musharraf was attacked. Within months his attackers were tracked down, arrested, put on trial and hanged. And the man responsible for the investigation, General Ashfaq Kiyani, promoted to the top job in the army.

More than a decade ago, we survived as Benazir Bhutto’s neighbours. But as we watch the nightmare unfold after her death, it does feel that someone has tied our hands behind our backs, gagged us, not quite killed us, but made us promise at gunpoint that we shall never name her killers.

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