Musharraf: A Walking Corpse?

Washington Post quotes a congressional official in their article Supporters at Home and Abroad Backing Away From Musharraf:

‘U.S. policy is not being made by anyone who understands Pakistan. . . . Musharraf is a walking corpse.’

The sad thing is that it has taken the death of a political leader, repeated incidents of violence, a crackdown on fundamental human rights, the judiciary and the media for the United States government to realize that their Musharraf-centered policy might need a revamp. On the other hand, their attempts at introducing an alternative have not fared well either. The much talked about US-brokered deal between the Musharraf regime and the PPP only led to a loss of confidence in the PPP. General Kiyani, the current COAS of the Pakistan Army does not seem inclined towards a repeat of October 1999…but to quote our current Attorney General Malik Qayyum, ‘martial law kabhi kisi ko pooch ke aya hai? [translation: has martial law ever been imposed with everyone’s permission?]


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