Detained, again.

If we lock up our judges and subvert the law, those who believe in a more brutal kind of justice will triumph.

-Aitzaz Ahsan in his op-ed The Forgotten Man [Newsweek]

Aitzaz Ahsan and Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood are back under house arrest again. Not only is their detention illegal, but it reeks of this regime’s desperate attempts to silence its opponents and claw desperately at power. What will it take for this regime to realize that freedom of speech is a fundamental right, not something that depends on the whims of the current occupant of the Rawalpindi Camp Office? This drama has gone on for far too long, and for the royal icing, has been orchestrated by a man who claims he has introduced the ‘essence of democracy’.

1 comment
  1. Anathema said:

    the way i see it: he’s banning the lot that speak of democracy and do nothing when in power.
    id rather it be this way. others break provinces. focus on nothing but their homs and money. this man has kept four provinces together. i like it
    hail detention

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