As the dust settles on the ballot papers amidst glee that the PML-Q and MMA has been routed in the elections, the entire nation now looks to Islamabad, in hope they will soon have an answer to this vital question: who will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan? As talks begin between political parties, it is essential for the leaders to remember that this is the first time in many years that the people of Pakistan have hope, that their vote will translate into positive changes in the country. For the leaders of both PPP and PML-N, tainted as their pasts might be with allegations of corruption, they must know this: Pakistan is not their personal playground. If they ever forget that fact, they should look to the fate of the PML-Q and the fate of military dictators in the past and remind themselves, that we, as a nation, never forget.

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  1. Anathema said:

    these elections prove: we did forget…

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