The revolution was indeed televised.

Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid says the revolution was indeed televised in an op-ed piece in The Guardian, while Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says the elections are a milestone on the road to democracy in today’s Washington Post. But even more vomit-inducing than President Musharraf’s nauseating editorial is Graham Allison’s piece, where the author says the following:

The inconvenient, painful truth is that a truly democratic Pakistan would be, at least in the foreseeable future, less inclined to act in ways that advance urgent American interests

The audacity of the author to believe that urgent American interests are so much more important than democracy in Pakistan has made my blood pressure go through the roof. Where’s a Xanax when you need one?

  1. Noni said:

    the Americans government is a bunch of narcissist retards with their interests in mind. why do you think they support our president so much. but its nice to rant.

  2. supersizeme said:

    Why are we even surprised at their ‘mast’ attitudes?

    Anyway I heard from some people who work in economy that the USA was going into recession soon, ouch.. consumerism hurts!

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