The Pakistani Stopwatch.

Finally the waiting game is over. There’s a new Prime Minister in the house, the Cabinet has been sworn in, and unsurprisingly, US officials have already visited Pakistan to ensure they’ll continue with the country’s support of the War on Terror. I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif’s statement – Pakistan has been turned into a killing field – with over 20 suicide attacks in the past 3 months, and insurgencies that refuse to die down, it is high time that the people of this country, and not President Musharraf decide what the future course of action should be.

But that is just one of this nation’s many problems. As the electricity voltage flickers at an alarming rate in my house at this very moment reminding me of the upcoming loadshedding in the summer, I wonder how many years it’ll take to fix, to some extent, this nation’s problems, and if this government will actually be successful in doing so. The clock has started ticking Mr. Prime Minister, and even though there is no easy solution to any of the nation’s problems, this government will have to shift the focus from their bank accounts and Prados to this country.

To the people: you can start your stopwatches…now!

  1. impatient_am_i said:

    the uniting cause for now seems to be their anti-musharraf stance.

    no talks on the issues yet. CONSIDERING the enormousness of this country’s problems, we just dont hear any policy talk yet – these ministers could be working every day and every night of their term and they would still have grand issues to face.


  2. supersizeme said:

    Yeah, such an awful time for Pakistani’s, all those fatalities.

    About the new PM, I hope so too.. It’s a mammoth task (well a number of them), it needs resolving, and hope he’s the one to do it, him and his party seem promising enough. Let’s not lose hope.

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