The Pakistani Soap Opera

I should be happy. The winds of reconciliation and coalitions have swept through the country’s political arena like a cyclone, and these winds have given a cold shoulder to all routes leading to the Presidency. Arch enemies have made up, and promised unconditional support. But instead of being hopeful of a new era of political stability in the country, I am an unbeliever. This is to convenient to be true, there are too many differences between each political party that even the death of Benazir Bhutto, cabinet portfolios or the look of defeat on Chaudhry Shujaat’s face cannot heal. Ayaz Amir writes in today’s The News:

‘It began as a lean coalition of the politically relevant. It is turning into a soap opera with a cast of characters covering every angle, sunny and shady, of the political spectrum.

Coalition-building can be a sign of strength, a message to a dictator down on his luck that his days of glory are over. But made an end in itself, it can mean a blurring of aims, a dilution of purpose.’

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Asif Zardari seems to be doing the same. Only time will tell how it works out for him and his party, but unfortunately, this country’s future too depends on it.

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  1. supersizeme said:

    Absolutely, and then theres poor frazzle-haired Aitzaz Hussain shouting out for law and order after every ‘mishap’, it’s like groundhog day, but where each day is more outrageous and ridiculous than the one before. Terrible.

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