I met Shahnaz today. She’s 30 years old, has 5 children, and has been married for nearly 15 years now. Her husband, her husband’s uncle and her brother-in-law, beat her, fractured her leg, shaved off her hair and her eyebrows. They then locked her up in the house for 10 days, allowing only a doctor to come in and plaster her leg. The reason for the abuse? She refused to have sex with her in-laws. Did I mention she also got beaten all through the 15 years of her marriage?

Shahnaz is currently admitted in a government hospital in Karachi. The doctors may say she is well enough to be discharged from the hospital, but who will help her erase the nightmare that she just lived through?

This country has stories with enough misery to rival a thousand Shakespearean tragedies.

  1. supersizeme said:

    That is so disgusting, really sorry to hear about this lady, what shes going through is beyond terrible, hope that sicko family gets their comeuppance and quick.

  2. Hate said:

    its not disgusting its freakin painfull…
    there isnt a soul that can make her feel a bit better abt her self or her life…
    but she is a survivor it seems and im in awe by her persistence.
    and ur rite….this country….
    ugh….i dont even wanna say anything furhter!
    I just hope GODs court will do her justice…at once!

  3. afifaifrahimkhan said:

    @Hate “and ur rite….this country….
    ugh….i dont even wanna say anything furhter!”
    People like you and me who are averse to these kinds of gruesome acts also inhibit this country so blaming the whole country is unfair. I think the illiteracy is to blame here. This report can come in handy.

  4. M said:

    yes, well. so it goes.

  5. supersizeme said:

    It’s not even about illiteracy, I know many nomad/dehati’s who are more humane than many of us so-called ”educated” urbanites. There are many many similar stories world over, simply as a fraction of our race is psychotic!
    Blaming the entire country is a bit farfetched, but I know that its hard to get justice in countries like Pakistan espesh for a female such as Shahnaz. It’ll be extremely difficult for a woman like her to break out of this vicious cycle, unless theres some divine intervention or something. It’s terrible, it truly is and not every girl is as courageous as Mukhtaran Mai. God bless.

  6. I’m even suprised they let the doctor come in, how sweet of them. May they get there’s back. But what will become of her when she is released from hospital?

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