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Every time I try to write something here, I find myself at a loss for words. I am tired, and beyond despondent. It is perhaps the weariness I feel every time I watch a press conference, or read the newspapers. I laugh at the cliches, and the conspiracy theories. I have no words left to describe the misery I see in the faces of those who stand outside my neighborhood utility store, who every morning queue up to buy flour. I look at the scales of justice, not far away from my office, and am reminded that this is only a monument, that justice does not, and perhaps will never exist in this country. I try to reinforce my belief in karma, that whatever goes around, comes around. I have no words left to describe, once again, how fcked up this system is. I used to believe that we, as a nation, had unlimited amounts of patience and resilience. Now, there are daily reports of people committing suicide in the face of poverty.

Faiz, perhaps, said it best: chale chalo, ke woh manzil abhi nahin ayi

  1. supersizeme said:

    Sorry to hear about the sad state of affairs. That’s really tragic about the suicides.. It’s like that guy from LUMS?
    How much can these people take before they go far beyond consolation?
    Though I believe its best to believe that ”sada aik waqt nahi rehta”, things will change for the best.. and I just hope it’s soon InshAllah.

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