Shiny Happy Pills.

Umar besud katt rahi hai Faiz
Kaash afshaan-e-raaz hojaye

-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Is it only me, or has everyone else just about had it with the ambiguity and uncertainty in the country? I’d like to think so, because only then would it make perfect sense for my doctor to be A-okay with prescribing me a heavy dose of Lexotanil to combat the stress. Or maybe my doctor was planning for the future, cos these happy pink pills let me sleep through the incessant electricity failures.

But on the other hand, all is not doom and gloom. 200 people can now wear chuddis to work!

Nearly 200 staff at a Hindu temple in southern India have won the right to wear underwear to work.The human rights commission in Kerala state has ordered Sabarimala temple to withdraw a dress code that barred staff from wearing underwear.

The dress code was imposed 10 years ago after several cases of theft.


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