A wee on the go?

  1. lady in white said:

    lolz so whats the prob? lack of privacy for women i guess, but better than shitting on the streets, no?

  2. muhammed ansari said:

    i think its a brilliant idea as long as it is cleaned on a regular bases

  3. supersizeme said:

    it’s a really good idea, especially when like me you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, well not me, me, but once at the roadside in pindi, a truck moved off and some poor old man had been err.. relieving himself behind it, with the truck moving off he was caught out by all, i didnt see anything, but his very embarrassed face.

    I do hope it’s kept clean, in england such things dont last longer than a week before some vandals attack them and steal the sink taps and loo seats and stuff, even the pay-to-use ones arent safe.

  4. mina said:


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