i <3 pratchett

Terry Pratchett on Frost Over The World

  1. eeda said:

    u have OFFICIALLY made my day.
    FIRST desi person whose obsessed about terry pratchett..
    dude, or dudette w.e!! THAT is a miracle.
    quote unquote,
    nd then i saw this blog,,,…now imaaaa believerrrr..


  2. Sam said:

    Poor eeda, he/she would probably die if he/she met the whole pratchett loving gang of our nearest, dearest and extended circle.

  3. eeda said:

    its a she.
    i jus called miself an it tho. lol..
    i probably wud die. what the world wants, no, neeeeds is a few brown terry pratchett loving people.
    not racist tho no.

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