Urgent Plea.

Dear UFO/God/Rational Thinking/Karma

We, the Pakistani people, urgently require our political leaders to gain some perspective and, if you can manage it, some amount of sanity. We want them to stop making empty promises, we need them to make a decision about the deposed judges and stick to it, we want them to do whatever they want to do with President Musharraf, but just go ahead and DO it.  We want them to solve the food and energy crises, and perhaps do something about the rising inflation.  And last, but not the least, we would like them to stop invoking Benazir’s name in every goddamn sentence.


-A Beleagured Citizen Who Watches Too Much Pakistani TV.

  1. Ali said:

    renaming quaid-e-azam internation to benazir international? SICK!

  2. Anathema said:

    isnt it isloo airport?

    either way. hey. people who voted. you asked for it. i ish i was in town to vote =( but only for mush!

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